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Personality for Schools

Perfect for Educators

Personality for churches

Perfect for Church Couple's Courses


Become licensed and certified to utilize the Primary Colors Personality Test and other tools with your church members and school students. As a certified and licensed church counselor or leader or educator, you can offer this test and training to the members and students at your church or school.

Note from Dawn:
As a licensed psychology professional who created this personality tool to aid me in my private family-systems practice, I can assure you that this is one of the most accurate, effective, easy to understand and fun personality tests in existence. Children as young as 9 and 10 easily comprehend the test and enjoy learning more about their personality tendecies. This is an astonishing tool when used with adolescents.

PCPT is the perfect training tool for anyone who works with couples, before and after they get married, adolescents struggling to understand who they are and how to relate to others, and other people who need to understand how personality affects the strength of longevity of their professional and personal relationships.

The Primary Colors Personality Test is totally unique and extremely accurate. People can learn to more effectively communicate, resolve conflict, restore effectiveness, create a happy work, church, school and home environments, and strengthen all of their relationships.


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