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Whether you are looking for a single day offsite, a teambuilding day or a multi-day Leadership Development Retreat, we can customize a unique event for you and your team.

We go well beyond “edu-tainment.”  The programs and retreats we develop are practical, pragmatic and memorable.  No one is bored, yet, it’s not a bunch of fluff either.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about ending up with what one of our colleagues calls “shelf art.” Do you know what we mean by that?  It’s the manual people receive from an event that’s put on a shelf and never opened again.

We design custom blended solutions: retreats are combined with follow-on coaching to ensure changes take hold.

Executive Training Resort Pool at night

Dawn Billings, serial entrepreneur, trainer, communication and personality expert can train, lead or facilitate your leadership retreats.

Personality Expert Dawn Billings

Dawn is the CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Women's Network, Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight Tools, and the Executive Training Resort. Dawn provides expert training in communication, how to recognize and end entitlement, goal setting, branding and personality specialty training, or can simply act as your special host for your exclusive training.


Executive Training Resort Pool at night

Located in the beautiful Arizona, this private, exclusive, intimate executive resort training center is the perfect environment for you and your very special training needs.

Find out how the Executive Training Resort can be available for you and your select, exclusive group. call: 918-605-1492


 Fly into the easily accessible Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.

The Executive Training Resort offers you, and your elite team or small group of very special guests, a chance to train together while having a spectacular resort experience. The winter months in the beautiful desert are heaven and the summer months, well we have made sure they are well cooled and misted and wonderfully fogged to keep you cool and comfortable.



Click here to find additional indepth information about the Primary Colors Personality Test/Insight Tool for you to examine, as an explanation to help you understand what makes the Primary Colors Personality Tool so very unique. Want a history of personality assessment tools? Click here

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