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Do different personalities communicate different Love Dialects?

love's dialects

LOVE'S d.i.a.l.e.c.t.s.

What are Love's D.I.A.L.E.C.T.S.

Each love language has two dialects. Example, if two people believe they share the same love language, let's say TOGETHERNESS. Well, we think that is a relief, we both love being together, but what does togetherness really mean to each of them. For some togetherness might mean VICINITY, where I am happy in you are near me, sharing a television show, we are both on our computers, you are reading a book, I am playing a game on my phone, etc.  For others, togetherness means ATTENTION. If we are together, then you are paying attention to me. You are listening, looking in my eyes, holding my hand, etc. 


If one person feels that TOGETHERNESS means vicinity and the other believes that TOGETHERNESS mean attention, are you speaking an important love language, but using different dialects which makes it more difficult to understand?


That is what Love's D.I.A.L.E.C.T.S. is all about, going deeper into a love lanuage to better understand the dialects of each.

Loves dialects book cover

Be Certified in Love's Dialect Couples Communication Training

Dawn Billings, personality expert and architect of the highly acclaimed insight and communication tool the Primary Colors Personality Test has taken the concept of love languages a step further. Love languages can be spoken with different dialects, but more importantly, what destroys relationships is when love is spoken as its opposite. Visit Love's dialects website here.


Dawn is also the author of over 20 books focused on communication, healing relationships and understanding personalities, and business success. Dawn is an inventor of patented parenting child-development/communication system and an entrepreur and CEO and founder of several diverse companies.


Dawn is a relationship and communication expert, who served couples, families and individuals in her private practice for over ten years before devoting her time to books and training to bless and benefits counselors helping people around the world. 

Loves dialects book cover
Loves dialects book cover
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