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Personality Training Materials

Personality Expert Dawn Billings


Dawn Billings is a communication and relationship expert who has authored over 20 books about personality, communication, the wrath of entitlement and healing relationships. Dawn has a masters degree in Clinical Psychology while her doctorate work was focused on Organizational Psychology and Personality. She studied under Dr. Robert Hogan, author of Hogan Assessments, highly regarded career assessments at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. There she had a private practice working with individuals, couples and family systems work. It was out of her family systems work that she realized she needed an insight tool that would help shift the existing destructive paradigm in a family. It was so successful that the Primary Colors Personality instrument was licensed by PREP Inc., one of the most highly respected marriage researchers and trainers today. After over a decade of incredible reviews about the effectiveness of this personality insight tool, Dawn has decided to share it globally.



The Color of Understanding was Dawn's first book with an in depth understanding of the Primary Colors Personality Test. Since then, Dawn has authored The Color of Success, directed more toward direct sales and multi-level professionals who want to better understand how to communicate with and motivate large teams of different personalities, The Heart of Personality, which focuses on gender issues that directly relate to personality and women in the work place in 2014, The Primary Colors of Love, which addresses how best to understand, nurture and support the personality that you married, and Choose to Be Great, a step-by step workbook that enables people to examine their personality as it relates to making their dreams a reality.

Color of Understanding by Dawn Billings


Primary Colors Personality Therapists Manual contains the detailed information about Primary Colors Personality Test and Insight Tools. This manual contains the research and reasoning behind PCPT, as well as the unique ways the PCPT insight tools can be used in your counseling center or private practice to help you serve your clients more effeciently and effectively. Every person who attends (online or in person at the executive training resort) the advanced personality training will receive this comprehensive Primary Colors Personality training manual.

Color of Understanding by Dawn Billings


Understanding the Weeds of Misery was written to help people understand the extreme color personality tendencies that will lead people to feeling miserable, angry, frustrated and unhappy. Once you understand these weeds of misery it is easier to recognize them and pull them out of your garden of life.  Each color personality has unique extreme color tendencies which are the roots of these weeds of misery in life. This short, easy to understand book can  help you understand what makes you miserable in life.

Color of Understanding by Dawn Billings
Loves dialects book cover by Dawn Billings
LOVE'S d.i.a.l.e.c.t.s.


Love's d.i.a.l.e.c.t.s. is Dawn's newest book which examines how personality affects the way we express and experience love and love's opposite. Different personalities might speak the same language with a different dialect, making it difficult for their partners to understand. not only that, but love languages have their opposite ways of being expressed where they no longer express love, but love's opposite.  It is never a love language that destroys a relationship, no matter how different they are, it is when the love language is expressed as its opposite that hearts begin to be destroyed and relationships torn assunder.

To learn more about the many resources that Dawn has provided, please visit: where you will find a list of her books, as well as, videos for you to enjoy.

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