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Proven Effectiveness for PCPT

PCPT has for over a decade, been a significant piece of the PREP, Inc. curriculum.

PREP, Inc creates practical materials that help facilitators (made up of volunteers, teachers, mental health professionals, clergy, and more) to modify or enhance those dimensions of relationships that research and theory have linked to effective marital functioning.

The PREP approach, which utilizes the Primary Colors Personality Tests by personality expert Dawn Billings, has been delivered and evaluated globally: As of June 2013, an estimated 1,000 sites have implemented the intervention, including military bases, prisons, universities, and religious organizations. Twelve sites have been evaluated for outcomes, with about 2,000 couples participating in those evaluations. Evaluations have been conducted with the U.S. Army and in Australian and German implementation sites. Approximately 300,000 individuals have received or participated in PREP or adaptations of PREP. After over a decade of use, the Primary Colors Personality Test was rated as a participant favorite, and also stood out as one of the most effective pieces of the PREP training.


The PREP approach is based on over 30 years of research in the field of relationship health, with much of the research conducted at the University of Denver, and sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. This means that PREP’s trainings are delivered with a seal of integrity that can be trusted, and the personality test that has proven most effective to the researchers at PREP, Inc., is the Primary Colors Personality Test. 


"Genius. Dawn Billing’s Primary Colors Test is the most compelling system for helping people to think about personality that I have ever seen. This fun, easy-to-use, model gets people thinking about who they are, how they approach the world, and how personalities impact their relationships—at home or at work. But be careful, it is contagious. Two multi-colored thumbs way up."                  

                                                          Scott M. Stanley, Ph.D., Research Professor - Author, The Power of Commitment,   

                                                                                            Co-author, Fighting for Your Marriage and A Lasting Promise


Out of the many personality and communication tools available on the market today, The Children's Alliance of Kansas selected Primary Colors Personality Tools on which to build their newest curriculum, Residential HEART. (Healthy Empowering Adolescent Relationships Training) 


Personality expert, Dawn Billings directly consulted with the main contributors of the Residential Heart curriculum, Sarah Jones and Kathy Stepp, and personally led Sarah and Kathy's advanced personality training workshop. This material was modified for residential care based on the original curriculum of Healthy Relationships: A Guide to Help Foster and Adoptive Parents Prepare Adolescents for Healthy Relationshis compile by the task force directed by the Children's Alliance for the Kansas Healthy Life Choices Project.

Children's Alliance of Kansas

Testimonials for Personality Expert Dawn Billings & the Executive Training Resort

"I would highly recommend you take advantage of getting the "royal treatment" at the Executive Training Resort!"

Heart Link Networking Women

"Dawn is amazing and so is the training resort. We loved it!"

Heart Link Network Women Professionals

"Dawn Billings is one of the most heart-centered and caring people I have ever met. She is dynamic, energetic, fluent on all topics that center on the betterment of the globe."

Not only is the Executive Training Resort more beautiful than its pictures, but the accomodations are fit for a King and Queen, Dawn Billings makes the learning experience fun and enjoyable. She is great at explaining every situation with a fabulous personalized story. I would encourage booking Dawn for any professional events, and highly recommend you take advantage of getting the "royal treatment" at the Executive Training Resort. I think Dawn’s greatest qualities are Great Results, her personable nature, and she certainly is THE Relationship and Communication Expert.

Melissa Parkes   


The Executive Training Resort (Couples Therapy Retreat) offered an experience unlike any other. Not only is it a BEAUTIFUL, relaxing retreat, but Dawn Billings offers expertise on personality and human interactions that are truly eye opening. THANK YOU DAWN for the amazing personal growth experience.

Pam Reynolds


Dawn is Amazing! She has the ability to weave a story and keep her listeners engaged while laughing and crying throughout the story. Her personal stories are touching and inspiring. Dawn is the creator of the Primary Colors Personality Test. I recently participated in Dawn’s Success Training based on her personality test. Wow, what an eye opener! Over the years I’ve taken other personality test but never felt truly successful at applying them to develop my relationships with others. Since receiving this training with Dawn, I feel more equipped than ever and have discovered that it is just as easy to apply what I have learned with my personal/family relationships as with business relationships.”

Jennifer Roszelle


"There are so many words I could use to describe Dawn. They are all extremely positive. She is a restorer, energetic, honest, highly motivated, gifted, full of integrity, exceptionally talented and full of God's wisdom. I would recommend her for any task. She guided my wife and I through our marriage, through our businesses and our spiritual walk, just to name a few. She is a blessing and ready to bless others at all times. Her top qualities are Great Results, Expert, and High Integrity.”
Raj Patel hired Dawn as a Career & Relationship Coach in 2004


"Dawn Billings is not only a woman I feel fortunate to call my friend she is a respected and inspiring leader of thousands of women through The Heart Link Network and The Heart Of a Woman, Inc. She is passionate about making a difference with her gifts and talents, of which she has many. She is a wonderful, insightful writer who helped me and encouraged me as I wrote my last book. In a world that too often pushes down on people, Dawn lifts up. She has great vision, but more than that, she has great heart and the commitment to see her dreams and the dreams of others come to life to change the world "

Bill Cantrell, President of Cantrell Training, author of Communicating with Mastery 


Dawn Billings is one of those exceptional women who lives her life with integrity, commitment and dedication to all her businesses. She goes the extra mile to change the hearts of people near her. I highly recommend Dawn as she is exceptional in all aspects of life! 

Nancy Ferrari, Radio Talk Show Host, Vision Life Coach


"Dawn Billings is one of the most heart centered and caring people I have ever met. She is always there to help, to enlist help for others and to be of service.

She is a dynamic, energetic, fluent on all topics that center on the betterment of the globe.

I am honored I can call her a friend, colleague and partner."

Heshie Segal, Owner at The Prosperity Connection


"Dawn is simply amazing. She helped me to gain personal insights that made a real difference in my life and made want to be a better person. She inspires people and causes them to ask how can they contribute their gifts and talents, and leave the world a better place. "

Allen Baldwin, PharmD, THM


"Dawn is an amazing leader and has wonderful people skills. She cares deeply about the success of others and her insights are invaluable. It is truly a blessing to work with Dawn. You will be impressed with her professionalism, problem solving skills and creativity. "
Sherry Roden, Owner, Roden & Co. LLC


"Dawn is the most fantastic woman to work with. She really listens to everything you have to say and gives great advice to your situation. She does everything with a 110% heartfelt attitude and always makes sure that her clients, business partners and licensees are well taken care of. I have truly enjoyed working with Dawn and feel blessed to be a part of her life."
Mindy Catron,owner of Catron Creations


"Dawn is an extremely talented woman with an incredible gift for helping others. She is an educator, motivator, and visionary. Her desire to share what she has learned on living a life of joy is beautiful. I have no doubt that Dawn will continue to live from passion and create magic!"
Allison Kelly, Owner, Knowing Angels


"Dawn may be the most talented person I have ever worked with, and the remarkable part is that she applies those talents to get amazing results. Her creativity, vision, energy, communication skills, presentation skills and speaking skills are second to none. She is a problem solver and knows how to reach solutions."
Tom Cramer, CEO, Founder, Co-Chairman, The Brain Trust


"Dawn is a unique and special person. We met through our association with The National Speakers Association back in the late 90s. She is bright, versatile and intelligent. Most of all, I would say she's empathetic and intuitive. She has always been more than just a speaker, she is a woman with a mission AND that mission has always been making others lives better. If you are thinking about hiring any of Dawn's services or affiliating yourself with her in any way, you've made an extremely wise decision. JIM"
Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG, Professional Speaker, Ziegler Dynamics, inc.


"Dawn is fabulous to work with. She is very creative and sees the big picture. In addition, she has a knack for honing in on details. Dawn has both leadership and coaching skills that bring out the best in those that work with her. She is truly passionate about helping women grow their businesses and helping kids. Dawn is the perfect mentor for someone looking to grow either personally, or within their business."
Kricket Harrison, Owner of Communication Coaching & Consulting


"Dawn Billing is creative and energetic. She connects with people with an open heart and mind. Her speeches will bring you tears and laughter. We call her a magic lady!"
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Yan Z. Hughes, Owner of 5E Web Design Studio LLC



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