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Executive Training resort Therapists


Don't work harder: Work SMARTER!



Become licensed to utilize the Primary Colors Personality Test and other tools with your clients. As a licensed therapist or professional coach, you can more effectively and efficiently serve your clients.

As a licensed psychology professional who created this personality tool to aid me in my private family-systems practice, I can assure you that this is one of the most accurate, effective, easy to understand and fun personality tests in existence. It is just as successful when used with people with high level degrees as it is when working with low-education levels and adolescents.

PCPT is the perfect training tool to help you earn additional income by offering the tests and training books and materials to your clients. Make your investment back in your first weeks of use and allow this tool to help your clients gain personal insight that will help them completely change their lives!

The Primary Colors Personality Test is totally unique and extremely accurate. People can learn to more effectively communicate, resolve conflict at home and in the work place, restore effectiveness, create a happy work and home environment, and strengthen all relationships.


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