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Personality Expert Dawn Billings
  • Are you needing a wonderful vacation that will also help you increase your future bottom line profits?

  •  Are you looking for a great tool with which to begin the therapeutic relationship that will save your clients time and money, and give them great personal insight?

  •  Are you looking for the perfect way to distinguish you from your competition in your field of niche?

  • Are  you a top leader in a company and want to offer an exclusive training for your most outstanding team members?

  • Are you a therapist or professional coach that wants to serve your clients more effeciently and effectively?

  • Would you like to add another distinquished advanced personality training to your professional resume?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you are a perfect candidate to attend the Executive Training Resort.


Dawn Billings is one of the most inspiring, encouraging and intelligent women I know. I was blessed last weekend to be one of the first guests at her new EXECUTIVE TRAINING RESORT in Mesa, AZ.


This facility is astoundingly beautiful, perfect as a team building getaway for leaders and their teams to just relax, or conduct business.Most impressive is Dawn's valuable Primary Colors Personality training. I was thoroughly impressed with the accuracy of the personality testing, the ease of using the tool to identify the personalities of business and personal relationships.


Dawn provided fantastic training to equip us with tools for approaching the various personalities for greatest success. I am excited to be bringing my Juice Plus team early next year to enjoy Dawn's Executive Training Resort and be equipped with this life-changing/business-changing skills! Dawn has a huge heart for helping others, and she has done it again with the Executive Training Resort. - Caprice Crebar

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